When Hard Work Pays Off

23417024_1961289397222117_7749566769580212224_nAs most of you know I run a business that I started in May of 2017. It is a natural candle that is made with quality ingredients and offered in 4 sizes and over 50 scents. We started with online orders and First Fridays in downtown Phoenix and have since branched out to trying some festivals out in order to see where we get the most sales from. We first attended Pancake and Booze at The Duce in Phoenix and the event did okay, not great, however we did end up selling a handful to The Duce themselves for their boutique store. Scoring that deal paid for the event in itself. The next event we attended was the Pumpkin Paisley Festival in Gilbert which was very slow. The organizers did not advertise well for the event and it was held at the Santan Village Mall which lead to barely any customers. We will not be doing that event again after the November 18th show which we had already paid for.

When you have a few events that are slow and you are starting a new business, you start to question if this business is going to be successful. Yes customers LOVE our candles and I am very thankful for that and very humbled by it, but, I also needed some reassurance that I wasn’t wasting my time in a business that was not going to do well in the end. I work full time now for Moody Aromas which has been paying the bills and we have many repeat customers as well as referrals coming in. The potential is there we just had to find it.

On November 12th we were a vendor at the Harvest Festival in Downtown Chandler and the event was POPPIN!!! We were out of half of our inventory by 11am just 2 hours into the event. Our booth was constantly busy with groups of people, some of them had seen us on the news that morning promoting the event and others through social media. My aunt (who lives 2 miles away from me) was gracious enough to stop at my house so she could bring us more inventory and bags. She arrived at the event just as we were selling our last few 4oz candles and we had used our last bag. With their help we were able to sell through the new inventory like hot cakes! We ended up doing 4x’s the amount of sales we have done at any other event.

At the end of the night I was brought to tears feeling so humbled and successful and it was all thanks to our many customers who came by and supported our business. Sometimes patience really is the only way to get where you need to be and to accomplish your goals. We will continue to test out different events around the valley in order to see where we fit in best, if you have any suggestions please let us know. I also want to say thank you to all of our customers, friends and family who have supported us in this long and wonderful journey.

-Patience will take you where you need to go xoxo and cheers ❤

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