Hiking in Colorado

We recently were in Colorado to explore the different towns and found some amazing hiking trails.

First, i want to mention Hanging Lake bear Glenwood Springs. This trail was more incline than we expected as All Trails said it was moderate. The views were worth the hard work. When we reached the top, it was one of the most beautiful sights i have ever seen! The water was as clear as if we were in the Caribbean. The waterfall was enormous and flowed with a free spirit. The trail was not very busy either which is what we prefer. I highly recommend this hike.

The second hike we did that is worth mentioning was a true hidden gem off the highway leaving Aspen. Well we Lake. We were there in October so there was snow being 14,000 feet above elevation. It was slippery, in the middle of nowhere with zero cell service and we weren’t packing any type of weapon to protect us against animals but the end result was worth it. As we were walking around the last bend we saw the most peaceful looking lake surrounded by snow capped mountains ⛰ and not another sole in sight. This is a place where i imagine a writer would go for inspiration or a painter would set up. There aren’t many places in today’s world where you can go to be alone with nature and enjoying hidden views to yourself. If you want a secluded hike with breathtaking views, check out Weller Lake. It is easy to miss so make sure to save the trail on your map before you go.

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