A year of yes

I often share a lot of my views and opinions about human behavior, clumsy events in my life as well as the adventures we go on. This time I’m here to try something new. Saying YES to everything!

Shonda Rhimes is one of my favorite producer and screen writer out there. I fell in love with Greys Anatomy and have candles named after Scandal. I even drink wine out of the same glasses Olivia Pope uses. She has become an idol and a strong female figure in my life. I was given her book Year of Yes and decided to read it and give it a chance. She focuses on being honest about yourself and who you are in the beginning which i find very important. Being a psychology major i often focus on human behavior and focus on self improvement. These are extremely important to me because i want to be the best me i can be for myself, for my husband and for our future family. I am excited to go about this journey and share it with you!

Cheers to a successful year of yes! I hope this will inspire many of you to take a look at yourself and grow.

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