My Freakout & Success From Being On Live TV

Wow! Live TV! An opportunity that I could not pass up. Here is my view of how being on ABC15’s Sonoran Living was in the top 5 scariest things I have ever done.

A few months ago in October, Moody Aromas candles were being featured on ABC15 for the Harvest Festival that was happening in Downtown Chandler. We were signed up to vend the event and it was the first legit event we were doing outside of the First Fridays in downtown Phoenix that we have been doing since November of 2015. I was already very nervous about how a large event would go and was very fearful on how much stock to bring. I must have checked my inventory a few dozen times making the decision to make just a few (a few hundred) each time I re-evaluated what we were bringing (and boy am I glad that I did!) The event ended up being so packed that we had to have a family member run to the house to grab more inventory. We had dozens of people come up to us showing a large amount of excitement telling us that they had seen us on TV that morning and that they just had to smell the Jamaican Me Crazy which was one of the featured items.

This was by far one of the coolest moments in the business for me personally. This was the first reassuring moment of WE MADE IT. After the harvest fest I was feeling the success, I was feeling that moment of we actually can do this and that this was a smart business adventure. We had started our climb, we were gaining new customers, we were getting the exposure we wanted and needed. My husband and I were so happy coming home from this event hitting our goal so far out of the park that we amazed ourselves that we treated ourselves to our favorite dining area in the Ahwatukee area, Uncle Bears.

A few weeks later my husband casually mentioned to me that he reached out to ABC15 and that they wanted to meet with us regarding the opportunity to have Moody Aromas on their live show Sonoran Living. I was blown away first off that my husband PROACTIVELY reached out to the news station and secondly that they wanted to meet with us even though we are still a small company. Knowing that I was a shy person & that I had a history of freezing when all eyes were on me, he knew that this was an opportunity that we could not pass up. So I agreed to meet with the Sonoran Living team.

We arrived at the studio to receive a private tour and to meet the producers. Susan was on vacation, however, we were able to meet Terri and get some one on one time. They were all SO nice! I wasn’t expecting that in such a high stress environment every single person was vibrant, positive, pleasant and genuinely interested in my candles. It was an amazing experience, so personable and one on one. They answered all of my questions, concerns and made me feel very comfortable as they could tell that I was extremely nervous. Actually, nervous doesn’t even begin to describe it. I am the person who turns as red as Elmo whenever the spotlight is on me. I am the person who does quirky, awkward things whenever I feel pressure or that all eyes are on me. I was very nervous that I would make a major goof and it would go viral on live tv and become one of those GIF’s that I see all over the internet. I pushed that all aside knowing that I had several months to prepare for one of the biggest moments in my life.

As we were leaving the studio I received a call from Ashlee telling me that they had a last minute cancellation and instead of 3 months to prepare for this segment I now had 1.5 weeks. Panic sunk in a little bit and I decided not to think about it until the night before (great idea right?) Not preparing for a 3-5 minute segment sounded like a great idea to me, my thought process was if I prepared for it then I would increase the chance of saying something wrong or being a robot.

The big day was finally here. It didn’t sink in until after I finished setting up my table and Susan came over to hug me and put some reassurance back in my step. She could tell that I was freaking out on the inside but that didn’t stop her from being the kind person that she is. She guided me through the entire segment with a kind hand and a knowing smile. She made it seem like zero work and that I was just speaking to a customer who was new to my product.

The amount of support we received after the show was MINDBLOWING! We were receiving calls before we even left the studio, orders were flowing in at a rate that I could not believe. I had my best friends streaming live from North Dakota and from the restaurant at Sky Harbor Airport while waiting for their flight out. I had friends posting on our wall saying that they watched us and loved it. I have never felt so supported, so blessed, so accomplished and so loved in my life.

Cheers to more successes in 2018, thank you to everyone who has helped us in this amazing journey so far.


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